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 "Mr. Lucci is an amazing talent and a beacon of inspiration to my daughter. In little time, I have witnessed her ability in both reading and playing various musical pieces quickly advance beyond my wildest expectations. It helps a great deal to have an awesome instructor who is incredibly knowledgeable and extremely patient as Mr. Lucci is. His lesson plans are tailored to what my daughter desires to learn and the lesson plans that she works on, easily covers all the techniques that are necessary to improve her skills with each mastered song. He makes every lesson fun and he continues to work with her until she is ready to move on to her next accomplishment. Thank you for giving my daughter the opportunity to be one of your students!!!”- Willie Wiggins

"In college, Lucci and I played music all over the Panhandle of Florida, and Tri-State area, and at the time I had no idea just how good he was. Since then I've been on a lot of stages in a lot of places and can honestly say Lucci is a master player and the real deal. He knows his stuff "

MARK HALL, CASTING CROWNS, Lead Vocals, Songwriter, Grammy and Dove Awards Winner.


Do you sing but want to learn to sing better? Mr. Lucci will teach you that your voice is your instrument and how to uncover the limits of your instrument. He will help you identify your pitch, endurance, and much more.

The perfect place to learn.

Meet Lucci Brisc, a musician with over 20 years of experience teaching and experience in the recording studio with many different genres.
Mr. Lucci offers private lessons for all levels of learners. Lessons available include acoustic, bass, lead and electric guitar along with piano/keyboard and voice.


Do you love the styles of John Mayer, Ed Sheeran or Chris Tomlin? Mr. Lucci will help you learn to play inspirational and uplifting music similar to these and many other artists. All you need to do is make sure you have a good guitar at home to practice with.


Has it been your desire to learn how to play piano like Adele, Alicia Keys or John Legend? Mr. Lucci will teach you in a way that keeps learning fun and interesting. All you need to do is make sure you have a tuned piano or keyboard at home to practice with.

Lucci`s music experience is unmatched in this area. His array of work includes collaborations with some national and international artists, Grammy, Dove Awards Winners and leading Praise & Worship bands. He simply understands what music should sound like and will help get you ready to sound like a real musician. Don't wait another day, contact us for a more in-depth conversation of what your needs are. 

​Mr. Lucci’s teaching method for all instruments and voice is based on music theory. Simply translated, you can learn music by notes, or by ear. Both equally important in their own way. No matter if you want to learn to write music or translate what you play by ear into music Mr. Lucci can help teach you the techniques you need to know. One important thing to note is that Mr. Lucci teaches contemporary music only.