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"There are a few things that set Lucci apart from other music instructors.

Lucci has a true musical background and teaches from this aspect. Most"homegrown" guitar players have no understanding of music theory(such would be my case).I've learned and will continue to learn the interactions of pitch and chord structure which form the basis for any multi-voice instrument( guitar and keyboard).

He has an incredible ear he can hear subtleties in the music that most cannot. Sure helps when trying to learn a new "riff". I continue to be amazed at the detail he can provide when working through new music."

Dr. Ken Wallace

"Lucci Brisc was able to bring me from having no knowledge to proficiency in about 3 years. In addition, he taught me how to sing and play simultaneously, how to write my own songs, and all the music theory and musical skills necessary to secure a music scholarship. He is one of the best teachers and players you can find anywhere, and I highly recommend."-Judson Daughtry

​​"Lucci taught my daughter guitar, keyboard, and voice lessons in a span of 4 years. He never ceased to amaze me with his talent in each of these areas. He was flexible working on what she was “into” at the time which made it even more enjoyable. He has the ability to take a student where they are and help them to reach their full potential. Throughout these years I got to know him as a person as I also took guitar lessons. I would recommend Lucci to anyone looking to learn any kind of music as well as someone trying to take their talent to the next level. You will not regret it."-Susye Beverly

"I took guitar lessons from Lucci for several months to brush up on my skills and learn a few tips and tricks. He was a great help combining skill and ability with kindness and patience. I highly recommend Lucci to anyone just learning to play or who wants to improve their guitar playing."

Tim Gay - FBC Headland, Worship Pastor

"My wife and I have been so thankful for the blessing that our children have had taking guitar lessons with Lucci Brisc over the past several years. Our daughter Rachel (17) has taken guitar lessons from Lucci for the past 4 years and our son Joseph (13) for the past year. Rachel now leads the youth worship band at church youth group and Joseph is getting ready to take her place when she graduates. We have really had so much fun watching their guitar skills increase. It's a life long skill that I'm sure they will always enjoy. Lucci is a very gifted teacher who is able to blend the right balance of challenge, encouragement, and fun. We would highly recommend Mr. Brisc to anyone of any age who is just starting out or wanting to improve their guitar skills."  

Dr. Joseph Sugg

"Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy"

-Ludwig Van Beethoven

"Music can change the world because it can change people."-Bono

Why teaching?

"There is structure in music and once you understand the "math” and "logic" behind it, you, too should be able to play or sing. It does take a lot of practice to develop the dexterity in your fingers and coordination to play, or strong vocal skills to get the job done. It doesn’t happen overnight, but with the necessary practice and perseverance you will learn and get to where you want to be. People ask me how long it takes to learn to play guitar/piano. I always answer by asking the person how they can learn and how dedicated they will be to the instrument. You see, whatever you put into it, that`s what you'll get out. This is the perfect place for you to give it a try." –Lucci

"In my years of doing music, there was always a genuine desire to show people how to play and sing music to the best of their abilities. Very few people are born with a natural gift for music and learn how to sing or play an instrument on their own. Most people have some kind of musical inclination and I simply build on that." Lucci

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